At the age of 7, when the company director came from his village to the city, he entered the city by crossing several rivers and crossing many streams during a 4 days long journey. From that difficult and unforgettable journey, this company has been operated with the desire to do something for the country by building a roads bridges one day in the life so that others do not have to suffer the pain and suffering that they experienced.

The company has focused on the construction of the bridges. The construction of the bridge was completed before the time limit given by the Government of Nepal and a movement was taken to make the country and the village environment feel the development.

Our country still need a more than a thousand bridges all over Nepal. We have set a goal that our company should have a quarter share in it.


The aim of the company is to build the more and more brides all over Nepal, design and build the bridges, Repair and maintenance of old bridge as much as possible. The company is refining itself according to the target. Along with the construction of the bridge, the design work has also progressed.

The company has prioritized the construction of small and large bridges in rural areas. For this, the company aims to improve the quality of construction, make technology friendly, and create jobs at the local level. Also, the company will pay special attention to construction safety.