K.M. Engineers & Builders Pvt Ltd (K.M.)  established in 1982 as “B” Class Civil  Construction company .

K.M. worked in several road & bridge project managed by NCCN (Government company : National Construction Company  Ltd.) as sub contractor.

In 1986 K.M. introduced innovative technologies in Bridge construction &  completed Balfore Betty Steel BRIDGE over TRISHULI RIVER and over BHOTEKOSHI RIVER in Trishuli Samdang Road Road Project.

In 1990, K.M. constructed three RCC Bridge located at different station naming dondawa 72 mt span, Gang 36 mt span, and Bhada 66 mt span under the stirc supervision of N.D.LEA and ASSOCIATES as sub contractor of NCCN

In 1991 K.M. constructed the Vocational Training Center at Khokana of ADRA Nepal.

in 2001-2002 K.M. works to retrofit Singadurbar  Project.

In October, 2012 the ownership of company transfer and company operate new management Mr. Mohan Karki is Managing Director .

After new management K.M.  Worked in several Projects in  Road, Bridge, Building , Irrigation & Road Safety works.